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Finally, a natural and effective Pain Relief*

After 15 years of practice, our TCM practitioners have developed an effective way to relieve or completely eliminate your pain without risks and harsh side effects. We use a combination of acupuncture and Tuina massage therapy to attack the origin of the problem, so that we can treat the root causes and deliver exceptional results.

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Our natural approach can help to relieve the following:

•  Sports injuries or accidents

•  Capsulitis (frozen shoulder)

•  Plantar fasciitis

•  Fibromyalgia

• Migraines or headache

•  Peripheral neuropathies

•  Triggers points

•  Muscle or joint pain

•  Neuralgia, neurological pain

•  Gynecological pain (menstrual pain)

•  Low back pain, sciatic pain

•  Epicondylitis, bursitis, tendonitis

•  Inflammatory pain, arthritis

•  And many others…

Why our approach works so well?

We restore body’s natural healing processes

Most of the pain caused by injuries or illnesses heal naturally without intervention. However, when certain factors impedes healing, your body needs help. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatment can significantly improve circulation and reduce inflammation, thus helping the body to heal faster.

We combine the best of Chinese medicine and modern medicine

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are based on traditional theories as well the modern knowledge of anatomy and physiology. It has proven to be one of the most effective ways for pain management nowadays. Our approach is not only about pain relief, but also to address the root cause of the problem, therefore we are able to consistently achieve promising results.

We treat the body as a whole

The body functions as a whole; tension or dysfunction in one part may cause pain or injury in another. Treating the pain site alone is rarely effective in the long run. This is why we make sure to address both internal and external factors to obtain long-lasting results and prevent the recurrence of your pain. 



Our treatment is natural and effective

Because our approach is based on stimulating the natural healing processes of your body, you heal more rapidly. In addition, there are no side effects and the improvement is usually significant after only a few treatments (sometimes after a single treatment). We routinely see cases that have not responded well to conventional treatments but respond very well to ours.

Free yourself from pain and go further!


Here’s how we help you to overcome your pain?

1. Assessment of the root cause

The origin of the pain is not always where it is felt, so to ensure long-lasting results, we carefully evaluate your situation and identify the origin and contributing factors to your problem.

2. A customized treatment Plan

Once the root cause has been identified, we establish a precise and effective treatment plan which is tailored to your needs and objectives.


3. Targeted acupuncture treatments

Using state of the art acupuncture techniques, combined with Tuina massage therapy and Chinese herbs, we release muscle and fascia, reduce the inflammation and reset your nervous system to help heal the present pain and prevent its recurrence.

4. Self-Care Action Plan

In order to ensure optimal results, at-home exercises, personalized diet suggestions will be given to you. we want to make sure you have the tools you need to continuously improve your quality of life.

5. Continued support

we are always there for you when you need us, but don’t forget to check out our workshops, activities, follow us on the blog and social media, we thrive to be a supporting, inspiring and empowering community, which can’t wait to welcome you.

 Common questions

Does acupuncture hurt?

Acupuncture needles are thin like human hair. Most of the time you only feel a little pinch. It is very tolerable. If you are afraid of needles, feel free to contact us to discuss alternative treatments.

Where do you place the needles?

The needles are placed into strategic points on your body, called “acupoints” or “trigger points” to stimulate circulation, calm the nervous system, and have effects on various organs and tissues. Most of the points are on the forearms, lower legs, lower back and abdomen.

Is acupuncture safe?

Acupuncture is a recognized profession in Quebec; it has a professional order established to protect the public. And all therapists are trained and certified, you are in the hands of experienced and responsible practitioners, so it is virtually risk-free.

Will I have to keep coming forever?

No, absolutely not.  It might take a few treatments to completely relieve your symptoms, but the reason for treating the root causes is to not having you coming forever.

How long does it take to see results?

People can often feel a change after their very first treatment. Most of our clients start to see the real lasting effect after following the suggested treatment plan. Remember, at Aurora, our goal is to provide exceptional care with effectiveness and efficiency.

Will your treatment mess with my medication?

We always review your medical history and medications before giving any treatment or giving any recommendation on your diet and herbal intake. It is our absolute priority to make sure there is no unwanted interaction.

Does my insurance cover it?

While most insurance plans will cover our services, every insurance plan is different. If you have doubts, it is always a good idea to verify details with your insurance company. We will provide you with a valid receipts after your treatment. (Acupuncture/massage therapy/naturopathy)

How much does the treatment cost?

You can find all information about pricing here: pricing

Chinese medicine, a new way of living!

*Individual results vary. We do not guarantee or imply any specific results. Your results will depend on many factors and your commitment to the treatment plan.


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