From which type of menstrual cramps do you suffer?

Pain starts before menstruation Moderate pain such as distention or discomfort in the lower abdomen and breasts Bleeding appears to be rather dark colored Menstruation is accompanied with PMS, irritability etc. Qi Stagnation (No.1) and Blood Stagnation (No.2)...

Natural treatment for epicondylitis (tennis elbow)

Epicondylitis is considered by many to be a difficult condition to treat. Conventional treatments include physiotherapy, anti-inflammatories and corticosteroid injection. Too often used as a last resort for the most difficult cases, acupuncture proved to be very effective in the treatment of epicondylitis.

Five Questions to Ask Your Health Care Professional

The medical world can be intimidating for many. Doctors or medical staff often offer treatments or interventions that a large part of the population does not understand. Confusion is often exacerbated by the information we are given by the internet, our relatives, or the media, which is often contradictory, inaccurate or downright wrong.

Rogers Cup 2019

Currently in Montreal, the prestigious Rogers Cup Tennis Tournament is taking place. The best tennis players in the world will compete for more than a week. Every sport has its frequent injuries. Evidently, in tennis, tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis, is one of the most common injuries. Other common injuries are rotator cuff injuries, back problems (lumbar sprain) and ankle injuries. When they reach the professional level, tennis players as well as athletes from other sports, have almost certainly suffered injuries related to the practice of their sport. Among tennis players, many are turning to acupuncture for the treatment of their injuries. In fact, all the injuries mentioned above can be treated very effectively by acupuncture.


The term “dysmenorrhea” refers to the uncomfortable pain experienced by a large number of women around the first day of menstruation. Indeed, more than 50% of women report feeling physical discomfort of varying nature and intensity at specific points in their cycle.

Treating Acne with Chinese medicine

There is a long history of researching and treating acne in Chinese medicine. The earliest documentation on Chinese herbal formula is dated about two thousand years ago. Seeing the causes of acne from a different point of view, Chinese medicine mostly looks at the imbalance of internal systems. Acne can be differentiated into more than 20 pattern, and by treating the root causes and balancing one’s body, we can manage acne naturally and have long lasting results.


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