This winter has been particularly difficult. It took many of us by surprise with extreme cold weather and a really bad flu season.

There are many ways Chinese medicine can help to prevent or fight off the fist signs of cold and flu. Some can be easily adopted at home, for example, acupressure auto-massage.

How to do acupressure at home:
Find the right acupuncture points, apply a comfortable and fixed pressure; massage each point with a small, fixed circular movement for about 1-2 minuets.

1 time per day for prevention
2-3 times to relieve cold the flu symptoms

风池 FengChi (GB20)
FengChi points are located at the base of the skull, where you can feel a depression beside the neck muscles. They are usually tender if you apply pressure.

大椎 Dazhui (GV20)
Da zhui is located in the back of the neck; right under the biggest vertebral bone you can feel. It is easy to find if you tuck your chin, and glide your finger by following the spine line.

肩颈 JianJing (GB21)
JianJing is located at the top of the trapezius muscle, half-way between the top of the shoulder and the neck. You can pinch and lift the muscle at the JianJing area with the opposite hand 10 times each side.

足三里 ZuSanLi (ST36)
ZuSanLi is located four finger width below the knee cap, on the lateral side of the shin bone.

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